Masterclass Adobe Design Studio CS6 (English) Århus

Masterclass Adobe Design Studio CS6 (English) Århus

Masterclass in Denmark,

Print, web and tablet, it is about media. Adobe CS6 does all and I am gonna show you what it is all about for you!

Adobe Bridge, it can do far more then most people think
Compare multiple images
Smart Collections
Automate image conversions
Webgallery and PDF contactsheets
Special search options
Metadata append and search
Adobe Illustrator, how to create a smashing illustration with fairly all techniques available in Adobe Illustrator
Live Paint-Live Trace , when is it usable?
Blob tool – Width tool
Shape Builder
Blend – Gradient – Mesh, what to choose and why?
Use scripts delivered by Adobe
When to use Illustrator, when Photoshop, when both?
Mixed techniques with Photoshop
Adobe Photoshop
Create a cover with a lot of layers and techniques
Automation with actions and scripts
Isolation in images, easy with layerstyles, -masks, channels, usage of Apply Image, Quick Selection and Color Range
How to add your own watermark documentwide without commercial plugins
Refine Edges, and what to do to optimize the results
What can really be done with Smart Objects
HDR: Adobe Photoshop or Nik HDR Efex Pro
Stamp Tool, Healing Brush, Smart Healing Brush, Patch Tool, Content Aware Scaling, Content Aware filling, what should be used?
Photoshop Tips&Tricks
Adobe InDesign, what to change in your designworkflow so InDesign is the centre for publication to print, tablet or web
RGB, CMYK, Spot colors, conversion to process, what, when and why
Presentations, animations
Accessing panelmenus without the panel by a script
Apply an Object-style when placing an image
Searching, Grep and/or a few simple scripts… then Microsoft Wordfiles are an ideal basis, better then plain text
Text Wrap
Anchored text and images
Linked Text
Object Export Options
Export to PDF
Export to ePub
Page Number Items
Swapping Images
Transparency,  -Blending, Flattening, if needed, how to?
InDesign Tips&Tricks
Adobe Acrobat
Use Actions to speed up
Check and create Certified PDF’s
PDF-X and Certified PDF’s, differences and similarities
Check PDF-documents on differences and changes
Add bleed to a PDF
Change spotcolors into process colors
Creation of digital forms, so easy, so good, so quick
Flattening, how to set it in Acrobat?



Datum: 31 okt 2012 tot 31 okt 2012
Tijd: 10:00 - 17:00
Plaatsen: 0
Masterclass Adobe Design Studio CS6 (English) Århus

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